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About Company

VITORAS technology s.r.o. is a supplier company operating in the field of mechanical engineering. Our activities are carried out mainly on the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets, where we search for the best offers for our customers. We benefit from many years of experience in the field of precision machinery manufacturing and supplies for the machinery industry and thanks to this we can offer quality solutions directly tailored to your needs. Our sales, service, logistics and consulting activities are integral to our offer.

Values, vision, stategy

VITORAS technology s.r.o. specializes in the supply of individual engineering parts as well as comprehensive solutions tailored to the customer.

The main values we honor are:

Scheduled deliveries – we negotiate deadlines which we are able to meet. We are always looking for the most effective solution in terms of time, finances and quality.

Product quality – we execute orders in the highest possible quality and constantly strive to improve all related activities to achieve maximum efficiency of the production process.

Accurate processing – we meet customer requirements given in the production documentation without reservation.

Reliability – we communicate directly with our customers, we solve questions or problems flexibly, we take responsibility for our services.

Our vision is based on customer satisfaction, which will lead to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We want to ensure the efficiency and productivity of our services, to use the best local resources for delivery (material, labour, logistics) and thus contribute to ensuring sustainable development.

Our company strategy is based on long-term relationships with our satisfied customers. We are constantly striving to improve our services and, as a result, to win more and more demanding orders and clients. We want to cross borders - both imaginary ones, when implementing larger and more complex projects, and geographical ones, when delivering our services to other regions within Europe.



Oldřichovice 738

739 61 Třinec


ID number 07489366

VAT number CZ 07489366


VITORAS technology s.r.o., Oldřichovice 738, 739 61 Třinec, 07489366, DIČ CZ 07489366